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The lawsuit alleges that the dryers contained defects that caused them to start fires due to lint buildup. If you are an eligible class members and need legal help, then do feel free to reach out to us! But nutritionally not much has changed. Industries, Inc. Sanderson Farms, Inc., Sanderson Farms, Inc. (Foods Division), Sanderson Farms, Inc. (Processing Division), and Sanderson Farms, Inc. (Production Division). He calls his agricultural experiment Morganic Farms. We learn that, like everything else in the good ol USA, the chicken industry is a large corporate entity with powerful lobbyists protecting their interests. The U.S. Department of Justice intervened in the case and has charged at least 10 people with antitrust violations, including current and former employees at Pilgrim's Pride, Claxton Poultry Farms, Perdue Farms and Koch Foods. The total payout to consumers is still being finalized at this time. All Rights Reserved. In December 2017, deep in the early weeks of the #MeToo movement, documentarian Morgan Spurlock revealed in a confessional postthat a woman he slept with in college believed she was raped and that he realized he was part of the problem.Within days, Spurlock had resigned from his Warrior Poets production company, his former partners pulled his sequel to his breakout doc Supersize Me from Sundance, and YouTube announced that it would not release the film, titled Supersize Me 2: Holy Chicken!, In a new interview with Business Insider, Spurlock discusses his experience over the past two years, including an attempt to contextualize his confession and its impact on his career. CDC says not to wash your raw chicken, and the internet blows up. Everything was still running. Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! sat on the shelf for two years after its director-star Morgan Spurlock admitted to sexual harassment in a New York Times article. Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken was the main loser after the director's self-revelations in December, where he told fans he was accused of rape at college, settled a harassment claim and been. But then came Spurlocks shocking announcement, which caught almost everyone involved in the movie off guard Morris and his attorneys, especially. We can mortgage everything we got and buy the rights, Morris said. The Holy Chicken! subtitle is clearly meant to evoke Chick Fil-A, that extremely popular chicken sandwich place whose owners love contributing to anti-LGBT causes. Read the full interview with Spurlock over on Business Insider. It was the launch of another project from Spurlock that would attract audiences beyond die-hard documentary lovers. It's easier, quicker, and (somewhat) healthier! +91-8421794798; contact@digimindtechnologies.com; peter denyer emmerdale; monte rio fire evacuation Unless you're a vegetarian or just vehemently opposed to poultry, you've likely purchased a grocery store chicken in the last decade. They cut down on their production by getting rid of breeder hens and committed to a production cut for about 18 months. But the problem is when the people backed out who were to release the movie it hurt the consumers but it hurt the poultry growers a lot worse. . Wine and Cheeseburger: Harley and Lara Pair Falafel with Wine. Green equals good, as Spurlock discovers. Viewers watch as the filmmaker goes to Alabama to learn about raising chicks and follow the process all the way until he opens his own chicken restaurant in central Ohio, the nation's test-market. Send us your story with as much detail as possible to fill out our investigation. But the dream of releasing a documentary that was as impactful as the 2004 original faded away when three months after that successful Super Size Me 2 world premiere, and at the height of the #MeToo Movement, Spurlock sent out a tweet that read I am Part of the Problem, along with a link to a letter via TwitLonger, in which he confessed to numerous acts of sexual misconduct in his past. Take a photo of a faulty item and add a brief description. In line with the litigation proceedings where allegations point to Tyson Foods planning with its competitor companies to make sure the price of chicken is low. Since Spurlock left the public eye, Warrior Poets has come under fire as seven former employees told Jezebel that the company had a fratty, boys club culture. In order to achieve his goal of creating a chicken joint that explains to people exactly what food theyre getting and the side of marketing manipulation that comes with it, Spurlock must first obtain some chickens and a farm where he can raise them. But you can start by checking your eligibility and filing a claim. The "Holy Chicken!" subtitle is clearly meant to evoke Chick Fil-A, that extremely popular chicken sandwich place whose owners love contributing to anti-LGBT causes. Advent calendars 2021: Aldi unveils wine Advent calendar with $10 price drop is coming to stores Nov. 3, Contributing: Nathan Bomey, USA TODAY; Associated Press. Shutterstock. Come along for the ride! Sanderson received a subpoena in the case in 2019 and has said it is cooperating. The film follows his every step, from raising poultry and creating recipes to designing a brand and scouting locations. Well, a $181 million class-action lawsuit settlement was just reached with major chicken producers, and you might be eligible for a piece of it. So, as the person who runs the company, I set the tone and there were times I didnt nip things in the bud when I should have. "I wanted to be able to lean into the serious moments. Holy Chicken thanks you . Top editors give you the stories you want delivered right to your inbox each weekday. I wont spoil the type of sandwich that gets created here, but I will say Ill never look at grill marks on a fast-food meat product the same way again. However, there were people I spoke to who didnt have as many good times. Its complex so there's no bite size way to describe it, Muraskin said of the plight of the chicken farmers. All rights reserved, Broiler Chicken Antitrust Litigation lawsuit, New Ranking Names Most Expensive Cities In Illinois and These Chicago Suburbs Top the List, Chicago Suburb Lands on List of Happiest Places to Live,' Another Midwest City Makes Top 10, Actor Tom Sizemore, of Saving Private Ryan,' Dies at 61, Chicago-Area Counties Under Winter Storm Advisories and Warnings. The lawsuit claims the defendants and their co-conspirators conspired to restrict the supply of, and fix, raise, and stabilize the price of chicken, as of January 1, 2009, in violation of federal and state consumer and antitrust laws., To be eligible to receive money, you need to have purchased fresh or frozen raw chicken between January 2009 and Dec. 31, 2020, and submit a claim form atOverchargedforchicken.com. The applicable chicken products include whole birds (with or without giblets), whole cut-up birds purchased within a package or "white meat" parts, including breasts and wings or cuts containing a combination of these. Claims will be accepted through December 31, 2022. In the movie, Morris paints a grim picture of the farmers who are millions of dollars in debt due to the tournament system. U.S. District Court Judge Thomas M. Durkin is in charge of this class action. Learning about the cruelty and hardship inflicted not only on the chickens, but the chicken farming community, as well as the deceptive marketing tactics used on consumers was a huge motivator for us in producing this film, Jess Calder, a partner at Snoot Entertainment, which was one of the financiers and producers on Super Size Me 2, said in a statement to Business Insider. The Tyson Foods Broiler Settlement agreement came out to $200 million, and there were some more paid by other companies. WatchSuper Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! You know who you are, and Im surprised youve gotten this far in this review. The Holy Chicken Pop-Up, located at 18 West 23rd Street, is serving up Spurlock's chicken fare through Sunday, September 22nd (11am-5pm daily). Morris learned about what Spurlock did and the eventual backing out by YouTube through his attorneys. We want to give you permission to laugh in the places where it's really hard to laugh," he said. 17 talking about this. "I set out ten years ago with a cause to help the consumer because all of them have been deceived," Buttram told Business Insider the day after the TIFF premiere, sitting beside Spurlock and Morris. Plaintiffs are seeking $150 million dollars in damages. Everyone Practices Cancel Culture | Opinion, Deplatforming Free Speech is Dangerous | Opinion, George's Inc. and George's Farms, Inc. ("George's"), Mar-Jac Poultry, Inc., Mar-Jac Poultry MS, LLC, Mar-Jac Poultry AL, LLC, Mar-Jac AL/MS, Inc., Mar-Jac Poultry, LLC, and Mar-Jac Holdings, Inc. ("Mar Jac"), Pilgrim's Pride Corporation ("Pilgrim's"), Tyson Foods, Inc., Tyson Chicken, Inc., Tyson Breeders, Inc., and Tyson Poultry, Inc. ("Tyson"). Welcome to a fast-food "Chicken Experience" unlike anything you've ever seen before. Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. When typing in this field, a list of search results will appear and be automatically updated as you type. The Chicken's first appearance was a KGB promotion to distribute Easter eggs to children at the San Diego Zoo.After his first appearance, Giannoulas, a lifetime . According to the lawsuit, Tyson Foods had a role in driving down the salary of chicken farmers until they became forever indebted modern-day sharecroppers. Morris is in Super Size Me 2, and is also part of a lawsuit in Kentucky against Tyson. Both men were with Spurlock at TIFF, were introduced on stage at the world premiere, and did press with Spurlock the days that followed. He warns consumers may have to pay a little bit more to support independent farmers and chains that pay a living wage. This unnaturally rapid growth leads to some rather horrific health consequences for some of the birds of Morganic Farmstheir bones break and several suddenly go into cardiac arrest and die. Proudly serving the most eaten animal on plant earth. This time, he's the one dishing out the fried stuff. down by the river said a hanky panky lyrics. According to a notice authorized by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, the prosecuting law firm said the court will hold a hearing to decide whether to approve the settlements at 9 a.m. on Dec. 20 before any money can be paid. Buttram provided Spurlock with the chickens for his Holy Chicken! "At the end of the day I do want to give you spinach, but I want it to taste like cotton candy and the more cotton candy-flavoured spinach I can give you the more you're going to eat.". Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. Spurlock told the outlet that, while he thought some people would get upset and he thought some [projects] may go away, he never thought his shared confession would be complete slash and burn of everything. I want it to come out, and not for me but for every chicken farmer in America. If I hadnt known that, the timing of this films release would have seemed a bit too perfect. Skip links. Its almost guaranteed youll find a grilled or crispy (you never see the word fried) chicken sandwich on any menu (sometimes both) especially in the food chain industry. Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! takes 93. So in this heated #MeToo conversation, me doing that was partly that we need to have a space where people can own up to their past and confidently move forward. Every movie and TV project we had went away. (The Business Insider interview does mention one of the pricier consequences for Spurlock and company: a million-dollar-plus lawsuit from Turner Entertainment Networks, filed after Spurlocks confession understandably led to the halting of a planned series for the cable outfit about issues facing women; Turner wanted to know what had happened to unaccounted-for production funds. . holy chicken lawsuit. I felt I have said things and had behavioral missteps that are just as upsetting and problematic and looking back Im upset about them. In six weeks, theyll be ready for the dinner plate, were told. According to a legal notice shared on September 10 by Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP and Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll, PLLC (the two law firms representing the plaintiffs in the case), a court hearing will be held to decide whether to approve the settlements before any money is paid out. holy chicken lawsuit wbs 70 einrichten June 1, 2022. leseprobe 4 klasse zum ausdrucken . It was really hard for me to personally understand and deal with the situation. The chicken farmers who worked with us risked their livelihood to give us a glimpse into the vicious cycle of the chicken industry, hoping that their courage might help lead to change once the public had the opportunity to see the way chicken farmers are manipulated and forced into a cycle of debt. There's a Chicken Revolution happening in America and we're looking for some generals to join us on the front lines! Viewers watch as the filmmaker goes to Alabama to learn about raising chicks and follow the process all the way until he opens his own chicken restaurant in central Ohio, the nation's test-market capital. "The chickens are being mistreated and the growers are definitely being mistreated. Those who purchased a chicken product in the U.S. from January 1, 2009, through December 31, 2020 may be eligible to claim a payment in a $181 million class action lawsuit involving several . It was right before Christmas. vizsla breeder northwest; Tags . (In the months since his post, the filmmaker went to rehab for issues with alcohol and is now over a year sober. Categories . Beyond that, theres a nagging aura of meh encircling the proceedings. Te presentamos la santsima trinidad de Holy Chicken. In a buttery Southern accent, Buttram tells us how he doesnt really want his son to continue the family business. In light of this situation, we have decided not to distribute Super Size Me 2 on YouTube Red.. Stay up to date with what you want to know. And she did it In four minutes. What We Do. Tyson Foods Inc., Pilgrims Pride Corp., and Mar-Jac Poultry Inc. had reached separate multidistrict litigation settlements with indirect purchasers. Spurlock has gone from being an avid Big Mac consumer in "Super Size Me" to serving his own chicken sandwiches in "Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken!" Specifically, if you purchased any chicken or chicken products from January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2020 you can be eligible to receive a cash payout from a collection of chicken and broiler chicken lawsuits, resulting in class action lawsuits totaling a $181 million settlement fund to be distributed. Words like organic, crispy, homestyle, free-range and other adjectives designed to trigger a response in the consumer. They do this by holding back production, which clearly violates federal and state antitrust laws. holy chicken lawsuit. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat. Days later, YouTube announced it would not release Super Size Me 2 and Spurlock stepped down as head of his production company, Warrior Poets. Because [Tyson] controls all of the factors that go into influencing how much chicken gets produced and the health of the chickens and the ability of the chickens, Tyson manipulates it and influences how much the growers get paid in a way that is anti-competitive and against the law, claims David Muraskin, a lawyer for the public interest law firm Public Justice, which is one of the firms representing farmer Charles Morris. 20-md-2977. But rather than constantly subject himself to fast-food consumption as he did in the original documentary, Spurlock has instead decided to feed other consumers. I wanted to be able to breathe in the moments of levity. JOIN THE FLOCK - BECOME A FRANCHISEE. Also,directly on our website! Charles Morris, a Kentucky-based chicken farmer, who is engaged in a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against Tyson Foods, will also make an appearance along with Sandwich the official mascot of Holy Chicken. And Sandwich, the official mascot of Holy Chicken! When we finally get a look at the experience the Holy Chicken restaurant provides its customers, the response of the people who eat there is barely explored. Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you're on the go. Can the dogs of Chornobyl teach us new tricks on survival? I did not know that, replied the guy. He discovers that offering his chickens a few inches of walled-off space outside means they are now officially "free-range.". The search leads him to a San Francisco firm called CCD Innovation. This settlement is currently Read More, Electrolux Home Products Inc. Agrees To Compensate Consumers Amid Class Action Suit According to the class action lawsuit, some of Electroluxs dryers had defects that could lead to fires. You can also reach out to us onTwitterorFacebookor via email atOutreach@ConsiderTheConsumer.com. Telfonos. America is currently flipping out over the (admittedly delicious) Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, and this sequel to the Oscar-nominated Super Size Me looks at the chicken sandwich industry. According to the lawsuit, anyone who purchased chicken products from Jan. 1, 2009 through Dec. 31, 2020 from the following companies could receive payments: Fieldale Farms Corporation, Georges, Mar-Jac Poultry, Peco Foods, Pilgrims Pride and Tyson Foods. If it were me, I would call you up and say, Hey, I screwed up. I would tell you whats going to happen., I applaud anyone who tells the truth, especially in the world today, Butler said of Spurlocks confession. Tyson will pay $42.5 million to indirect purchasers, Pilgrims will pay $44 million to indirect purchasers, and Mar-Jac which reached an $8 million settlement with direct purchasers will pay about $6 million to indirect purchasers. Interviews with leading film and TV creators about their process and craft. He also admitted to cheating on numerous partners. A news investigation discovered that Newark Bay was so contaminated that anything swimming in it was carcinogenic. During the pop up, Holy Chicken will be serving free range, hormone free & antibiotic free chicken raised by Coleman Natural, a former independent chicken grower that was purchased by Purdue Farms in 2011, one of the five companies that controls 99% of the chicken we eat! Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Agri Stats, Inc. and Claxton Poultry Farms, Inc. Foster Farms, LLC and Foster Poultry Farms. Nelnet Servicing Data Leak Your Personal Information At Risk! Spurlock's own chicks are bred to grow so fast that they often suffer heart attacks or can't stand up. Ironically, Spurlock's film about fast-food chicken reemerges during a food feud over fried-chicken sandwiches, with the nation obsessed with a Popeyes version. Is your location holding a liquidation sale? I said things that were inappropriate at the time that I didnt think about. . Meat purchased in the following states could qualify: California, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and Wisconsin. Their headquarters is located in Springdale, Arkansas, and they work in the food industry. Though Super Size Me 2 wouldnt have been able to speed up the wheels of justice, many involved in the suit believe at the very least Super Size Me 2 would have put a huge spotlight on the issue. JCPenney closing more stores after bankruptcy. chicken sandwich chain. He also brought a Holy Chicken! Its unclear if the numerous upcoming projects Spurlock and Warrior Poets was involved in ranging from a docuseries with LeBron James to a biopic on legendary Hollywood agent Sue Mengers will come to fruition. You also need to be a resident of one of 24 states or Washington D.C. (See list of states below. This will be posted quickly, exposing the company and letting others see what happened to you! Allegations: Tyson Foods and many other chicken producers allegedly jacked up the price of chicken to control the market. If you give a cluck, then drop us a line we need a good bird like you! You have to look no further than the impact of the first Super Size Me movie to confirm Butlers theory. And I dont think we were there then and I still dont think we are there now., As for the allegations against Warrior Poets and the inappropriate environment that was allegedly fostered there long before his post, Spurlock says hes still parsing through it. may skip that menu item once they learn about the cruelty and dishonesty used to make it. Jueves a Sabado. In this Oct. 20, 2015 file photo, Morgan Spurlock attends the 11th Annual New York Television Festival "CNN Presents: An Original Take on the Stories of Now" at the SVA Theatre in New York. Holy Chicken will open its first brick-and-mortar location in Washington D.C., but an exact date has not been announced. Follow USA TODAY reporter Kelly Tyko on Twitter:@KellyTyko. Menu Theres an interesting, if too short scene where he asks for clarification from the USDA about some of these words. If you believe that what is alleged in the Tyson Chicken price-fixing class action lawsuit has affected you, please reach out to us. Start your day off right, with a Dayspring Coffee Assisting Spurlock is farmer Jonathan Buttram, who rents a building to Morganic Farms and, along with his son, helps tend to the chickens. Spurlock's restaurant becomes a bold counterpoint to the industry, offering actual photos of his pale, sad-looking chickens, debunking slick food advertising on signs and offering explanations on the walls of how farmers are mistreated. Prosecutors in the Broiler Chicken Antitrust Litigation lawsuit allege that several corporations conspired to stabilize the price and supply of chicken, which would be in violation of both federal and state consumer and antitrust laws. Their test kitchens have created several successful fast-food products including the culinary colonic known as the Taco Bell Gordita. rahul dev wife rina dev; complete the following quote: 'he's not the messiah, _____' Wednesday, 2 December 2020. Los favoritos de nuestros devotos, para que pruebes el cielo en el primer mordisco. Mi cuenta; Carrito; Finalizar compra; Mi cuenta; Carrito; Finalizar compra; Contacto Theres an interesting, if too short scene where he asks for clarification from the USDA about some of these words. Computers were still on. As Super Size Me 2 highlights, in one instance Tyson used a tournament system in which the company gave farmers a certain amount of chickens per year, and then paid by the performance of those chickens (i.e., size of the bird, and the amount produced). Telfono: 614.1740967 / 614.2856609 spezifischer widerstand rho. A settlement has been reached resolving claims that Chipotle Mexican Read More. NEW YORK -- Last time out, documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock ate only fast food for a month. According to the legal notice, those who indirectly bought fresh or frozen raw chicken from the companies involved in the settlement for personal consumption are eligible to file a claim. Hes bailed out by the largest independent hatchery, who supplies him with over 2,000 broilers, the most popular chickens on Earth., These chickens are bred to grow faster and bigger than their feathers will cover them at some points in their development. Domingo a mircoles. But I also knew I myself had put those people into this difficult spot. Those who wish to make a claim can do so by providing their details at the case website. Always the showman, Spurlock came to TIFF with two of the farmers highlighted in the movie, one of whom was Jonathan Buttram. Listen, Im guilty of it. Spurlock declined to comment for this story. The lawsuit alleges these companies failed to maintain a safe work environment for the workers, failed to properly inspect and maintain the premises, and failed to remedy a known dangerous condition. Sears and Kmart closing more stores: Is your location holding a liquidation sale? Go on and tell us about your poor consumer experience. All three men told Business Insider that Spurlock never contacted them before or after his tweet. Food is an experience, says Darby Hughes, one of the strategist talking heads interviewed on camera. from 8 AM - 9 PM ET. A sign advertising chicken at supermarket in Dublin, California in June 2017. the legal notice for full details on locations and time frames. Jonathan Buttram, a farmer featured in the film, argues the whole chicken business needs to be dismantled, including the way farmers and slaughterhouse workers are treated. You need something like a movie to get people to engage and take a step back and get the full story.. Join half a million readers enjoying Newsweek's free newsletters. ), There was never a sense that someone was coming after me, Spurlock told Business Insider. As Anne Burrell says on Food Network, brown food tastes good. And healthy food tastes like crap, so a place only needs to give the illusion of something thats good for you. Talking to farmers, he uncovers a reward system they consider rigged, one they complain makes them "indentured servants" to Big Chicken. Sign up here. Spurlock intends to go after them, but this film needed to be angrier and more forceful in its depiction of its more unsavory element; it's way too nonchalant for much of its runtime. I should say that I can do better. This popularity has led to huge profits for the poultry industry, but the farmers who are growing the chickens arent getting much of the rewards. According to a news release, the settling defendants "have not admitted any liability concerning, and continue to deny the legal claims alleged in" the lawsuit and agreed to settle "to avoid the further expense, inconvenience, disruption, and burden of this litigation and thereby to put to rest this controversy.". A $181 million settlement is pending in the Broiler Chicken Antitrust Litigation, a class-action lawsuit. Both are part of our commitment to promote transparency and communications with the independent farmers who grow chickens for us. The fast-food industry has undergone a makeover since Super Size Me debuted 15 years ago. Contact: Rachel Krupa,Krupa Consulting [emailprotected]/ 212.226.2922, Cision Distribution 888-776-0942 Money tips and advice delivered right to your inbox. There's also frustration from some who feel that the people who risked everything to go on camera for Spurlock have now been abandoned. manon and dorian boat scene; terebinth tree symbolism; vintage wholesale paris Jun 29, 2022 By khsaa dead period 2022. holy chicken lawsuit . But as the vet hired to do an onscreen autopsy tells us, this is normal and the birds are not harmful to eat.. You can file out the claim form online atOverchargedforchicken.comor print a PDF to mail in. It all paid off. Nutritional information posted beside organic chicken and turkey for sale at a supermarket in Irvine, California in November 2016. Aldi unveils wine Advent calendar with $10 price drop is coming to stores Nov. 3, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Products for which customers can't make a claim include any chicken marketed as halal, kosher, free range or organic. In Super Size Me 2, Spurlock shows its popularity with incredible clarity as he navigates not just the growing process of the chickens, but also the marketing muscle behind making the chicken sandwich so popular. See the list. Morgan Spurlock ruffles the feathers of the powerful chicken industry in 'Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken!,' the follow-up to his 2004 documentary hit. To exclude yourself from the suit you need to submit an exclusion request by Nov. 10, 2021, thesettlement website says. Some people who purchased chicken products in the U.S. over the last decade would be eligible to receive money due to a class-action settlement for $181 million. But that hasnt stopped Morris from single-handedly trying to get the movie out to the public. Restaurant chains, food producers and grocers, including Walmart, Kroger and Chick-fil-A, sued Sanderson Farms, Wayne Farms and other poultry producers in 2016 alleging that the companies conspired to fix poultry prices over an eight-year period. With his chickens procured, Spurlock ventures out to meet with strategists and inventors to design a new sandwich to sell. The Holy Chicken Pop-Up, located at 18 West 23rd Street, is serving up Spurlock's chicken fare through Sunday, September 22nd (11am-5pm daily). In 2004, when Spurlock, then an unknown filmmaker, released Super Size Me in which he went on a McDonalds only diet for one month he had no idea the ramifications it would cause in the fast-food industry. 11:30 am - 8:50 pm. The official website for the case, which is supervised by the co-lead counsel in the lawsuit, explains the plaintiffs allege the "Defendants and their co-conspirators conspired to restrict the supply of, and fix, raise, and stabilize the price of chicken, as of January 1, 2009, in violation of federal and state consumer and antitrust laws.". Jonathan Majors on Oscar Favorites, Bad Reviews, and the Road Trip That Made Him Realize He Was a Star, The Best Picture Race Got a Lot More Confusing This Week, Tom Cruise Made the Rounds This Week, but Other Oscar Nominees Got More Applause Than Top Gun: Maverick, How Michael B. 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