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Kelan coughs to hide a laugh that threatens to escape. This stor Arthur Pendragon is known by all as the Prince of Camelot, but no one knows of Merlin. "Also, it was my girlfriend Arthur phoned for help yesterday. "Huh. He can't feel his toes and he thinks it's probably because they've been eaten. ", "You'll never what?" ", "No, he's not," Will says, pushing past them. "Really, Merlin, how did you ever survive without me?" "Quite well, actually," Merlin says, trying to snatch his precious morning caffeine hit back. ", "Quite well, actually," Merlin says, trying to snatch his precious morning caffeine hit back. And don't tell me he means well. As it turns out, this is just the opening of the proverbial rabbit hole, how far does the sin go, how deep do the lies seep, and how much is Merlin really willing to sacrifice for the greater good. "You're not?" Their thick icing hangs heavily over their rippling flesh as they hunt, circling slowly as he flounders through a marsh of sugar cane. 0210 Sweet Dreams AU. "It takes years of study to get the qualifications needed for this job.". Arthur's brows narrow a little but Merlin doesn't think anything until he comes back with the drinks, and presents Merlin with a glass of Diet Coke. Hunith never meant to favor her son over her daughter, and her daughter knew this, she understood sometimes she wished she had never been born. His legs are getting steadily wobblier. Lifts always have them in films.". "Are there any blokes kissing in this one?". The git is reflected on the metal walls in dim amber-hued blurs, anger in triplicate (and why he can remember that word when he doesn't know the git's name any more, he will never understand). Then, to Merlin's inexpressible indignation, the git gets his phone out. Hiding his own magic is hard. I'm never speaking to him again.". "..and I don't know what is wrong with him!" "I thought I'd just-" He looks around the lift, wondering why the doors are closed and then gets up and goes to poke them. However these ones should cover :). The wedding was small for a King and his Consort, so small that it was the talk of all the kingdoms for. Kelan shouts as Arthur screams, "Merlin!". Seventeen Days After seventeen days, Merlin is finally rescued, but is he truly free? It wasn't even about Arthur. ", "He's on his way back up," says the nice stranger (nice ambulance man, that is, and oh fuck, his mum's going to kill him). Sometimes he's a tolerable human being at home. There's a lot of yelling from the git, and Merlin leans back against the wall and blinks at him. "Not even a bruise.". "And which enemy? It turns out that Lancelot is just as happy to flirt with him. Maybe those wounds have hurt his heart, not just his body.~ "I only use it for you, for Camelot" Merlin fears he may never see his King again; meanwhile, Arthur makes discoveries of his own. Arthur un ragazzo che si trasferisce per cominciare una nuova vita in una nuova citt dopo la morte di sua madre Ygraine. Fluff and smut is not. "She's the only monolingual person in the building," Arthur informs Merlin over fish fingers one Friday, shaking his head sadly. "What do you think you're doing here? Gwen asks. Merlin finds himself as the son of a powerful rich man, Richard, and things couldnt be worse. He feels like shit, but his blood sugars are through the roof now so at least he won't faint again (throw up the half slice of toast he choked down to make sure his insulin worked, maybe). Eventually, Arthur lines up his knife and fork neatly and says, "You do realise that you can't talk about people like that, Merlin. Its All Just Cafe Talk Anyway by thecheekydragon, Merlin- He begins warningly, -I swear I wont come to bed for a month., You cant even last a week without pinning me to the-, The Prince smiled fondly, and said, You look adorable when you blush.. Again, thanks so much. He doesn't talk, just works through his meal in intent silence, potato first, then spinach, then meat, never allowing different foods to touch. They're all far more important than you.". Kelan's eyes go wide and Arthur gives an almost imperceptible nod to Merlin. His fingertips hurt from blood tests, and when he looks over the stranger's shoulder, he can see an ambulance parked outside. Apparently the Warlock did not hold such reservations for his mother and thus the King Regnant and King Consort crowned the Queen Reagent, and moved her into the castle. Camelot's council goes into chaos. Even biscuits would be better than sweets on their own. After that, he gets worse. Morgause is the scary blonde, Leon is the easy-going one who redirects potential arguments almost as neatly as Gwen, Elyan is Gwen's brother, Percy and Lancelot both work at the hospital. They both are alike, clumsy, awkward but a great friend. For Better or Worse Merlin cheats, Arthur behaves badly, huge amounts of angst ensue, but if they cant go back maybe its still possible to move forwards. When the blade finishes the cut, another spray of blood hits Kelan, and he feels the life essence of the knight sleeping through his chainmail, but he doesn't think on it too much. "I might just head down there now, though, if you don't mind. Two. He drifts away again not long after that, his hands curling against Arthur's side as Gwen talks at them, trying to keep him awake. insists and they'd better let him proofread the next one of these before it goes out). When on a hunting trip Arthur asks an unexpected question that will forever bring the prince and his manservant closer and prepare them for the destiny they share with not only themselves but the 'Protector'. Movies: Merlin fanfiction archive with over 82 stories. Gwaine leans forward, elbows in the table and pipes up, "Merlin I think Arthur-". With all his heart, he wishes that the lift would move, so he can get to that chocolate cake and then everything will be okay. I normally don't read outside POV stories, but I always seem to write stories I don't usually like reading soAnyways, I hope you enjoy and if you wanna chat fics or fandom with me, come join me on my Tumblr. The Pain of Suffering It is what is in his eyes that scared him the most. ", "Hi, Merlin," she says back. Kelan swore to protect his kings, and he will do exactly that. With a fiery personality and a heart t We all know Merlin. He's never seen them show care or affection towards one another. : incomplete. He gets lunch made for him, though Will demands to see a blood test result first to prove he's still ill. Gwaine's easier to guilt trip, though, and is the only person in the house who can actually cook, so Merlin gets an elegant salad he struggles to eat, and the even more welcome relief of his next insulin shot. This is the tale of two very uncertain lovers still unsure about each other, especially considering that Arthur now knows about magic. Where will he go? "Now why are you hanging around here? merlin fanfiction merlin jumps in front of arthur. "It's important that you be aware of possible complications," Arthur tells him. They were not only like two sides of the same coin, but also like the moon and the sea, the stars, and the sky, it all belonged together. Never Leave Angry AnywayIll try to be better about that. "I think. "Well," Gwen says. King Arthur kisses Merlin's forehead and that's when Kelan looks away, a flush burning his cheeks and the tips of his ears. AscetirMerlin and Arthur are kidnapped by bandits seeking ransom. Merlin parts his lips automatically and then recoils when he tastes it. Not that I need a babysitter. You're " The adrenalin still flowing fast and furious through his veins makes him throw his usual caution to the wind. Merlin glares at him and pushes past him to pull his drawer open. When Arthur reaches the clearing he sees several of the knights bloodied and bruised and what looks like a naked man lying on the ground bound in silver chains. Don't be slow. It's always been fighting and sparring and verbal jabs. This is reality. See? 20 Theres not death tag (yet? "He's awake," the git says, but Merlin barely hears it. The git mustn't attract attention. According to some of the laundry maids, the Warlock told the King that if their wedding was anything more than intimate, he would back out of the engagement. ", "Oh, it's only because we have to live with Arthur," Gwen says. #384 in Fangirl. Merlin vowed to always find and love Arthur in each lifetime. "Okay," Gwen says. "Just a bit, yeah," Merlin says and then remembers that he's not speaking to Arthur. The git has obviously added 'annoying Merlin' to his slim list of daily pleasures, because he constantly appears at Merlin's shoulder to nag him into lunch or tell him he's looking shaky. What would Arthur do? Merlin was amazing. "Are you high? He must pass out from fear, because he dreams that he's stuck in a lift with the git, who is shaking his shoulder so hard it makes Merlin rock and lose his balance. with his father in charge he had no choice. "I just want cake," Merlin tells them and tries to pull the doors apart. "Are you getting in, or are you just going to stand there?". A couple of girls suddenly cross over the road to avoid him, but he doesn't care. "They can use their teleporter. He stands there, catching his breath, before turning around to face his kings. In the chaos that follows, Merlin ends up in the land of Hibernia with only Leon as company. Home / Uncategorized / merlin fanfiction merlin jumps in front of arthur I'm not that author, but this is pure romantic comedy of the fluffiest sort. When Merlin ventured back to Ealdor to help fight off Kanen, he returned to Camelot with someone else, his little sister, Miriam. "Non-magical defense is not my thing. "Sure - sorry about the mess. "I don't need-" Merlin protests automatically. Don't be surprised if there's some Merthur. ", "I work here," Merlin says, trying to sidestep around her. "Her hair isn't white.". Merlin hands them back to him, point first, just before lunch, along with an unflattering portrait of Arthur as a rooster, strutting around and crowing about how wonderful he is. the git snaps back and leans his full weight on the emergency button. When Merlin ventured back to Ealdor to help fight off Kanen, he returned to Camelot with someone else, his little sister, Miriam. "He's our greatest weapon, it would be a daft decision to relegate him to the back lines.". " Merlin was getting used to his life in Camelot. It grew from there. Merlin, are you alright? He likes to glare at people for laughing and breaking the hallowedish silence of the research division. Merlin then has to struggle with new revelations that might make his life a lot more complicated. This work's creator has chosen to moderate comments on the work. "You can't ask him that!" Only as each life came and went, he continued to be hurt by that love. The git works at the other end of the office, and would be gorgeous if not for his personality. I am not good at answering messages or Just a little something I write on when ever I got the time. Merlin babbles away in self-defence, and gets nothing but disapproving stares. Tonight when you said that thing about not knowing why Im with yougod Merlin.. Then, with a hint of sympathy, he asked, "Claustrophobic? Not everyone would be brave enough to jump in front of a sword like that. "You look terrible." He still thinks it would be a good idea to get to the canteen soon, and he suggests it to Arthur. "He has a point. He eats it too quickly, feeling it cling to his tongue, sweet and cloying, and thinks,Take that, Arthur Pendragon! Now Merlin finds it difficult to open himself up to love again. It's always been fighting and sparring and verbal jabs. And you could- I mean the girls would like - Gwen has a recipe for sugar-free vodka jelly.". Apparently it was Merlin's doing. Highest Ranking-> #1 in MerlinxArthur Arthur stops just short of closing the gap between them. ", But there are laws about this, he's sure, even for temps. "Edward has a sorcerer on his side, and a powerful one at that, and you want to put me Completed arthurxmerlin lgbtq merlinxarthur +7 more # 7 Watching Merlin's Life by NatashaB 2.4K 67 3 Youre mine.. well be a fine line (well be alright) by merlinemrys (divineauthor), Stay with me tonight, Arthur whispers, and every night.. , Elyan," Merlin breathes out, actually tearing his eyes away from Arthur to thank him. The git is already jabbing at the buttons, mouth tight with annoyance, and Merlin carefully considers whether or not it would be a good idea to lean against the back wall and if he'll be able to get out of the lift at the bottom if he does. This is a Merlin x Arthur fan fiction. Merlin e Arthur. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Keep going with the chocolate. "Shut it, Gwaine," Merlin snaps, his eyes never leaving Arthur. Surely they can't fire him for this, even if they did have to cut the lift open. Merlin wondered how long he could wait before he simply reached out and drew the cup of water to him with a devastatingly simple spell. Anyone for the station want to jump in the back?". Merlin wails again, but no one's listening to him, at least until he babbles, "Look, I'm sorry. None of them are too smartly dressed, to his relief, and even Arthur's switched his normal suit for jeans and a red t-shirt. ", "I don't want his help. "But I'd be happier if we could keep him in for observation for a few hours. Short Story. He picks the sugar bowl up and moves it across to a neighbouring table. ", "You're working in a room full of linguists, Merlin. "Er, that's Mabel. "Am not," Merlin says and grins at him. Ascetir Arthur split the bread, tossed the larger chunk with uncanny accuracy. Arthur takes a slow, contemplative sip of tea and says, "If you stayed on here, properly I mean, there's some funding available for further study. One. This is based on a tumblr post. Merlino aveva aspettato secoli per rivedere Art e finalmente, quel piccolo grande desiderio di rivedere il suo padrone si realizzato. God, he really needs that chocolate cake. But then Uther comes out of the corner office and glares at them, and they both shut up. "You'll need to be supervised for the next day or so. "Merlin Emrys," she says, glancing at him coolly. ages. Please consider turning it on! I'm off, by the way. Enjoy the rea Arthur and Merlin become separated at the Valley of the Fallen Kings. This work could have adult content. Just watching her eat salad and nothing but salad makes Merlin feel like he's about to keel over, but she's got a way of baiting Arthur with the slightest hint of disdain, and Arthur's spectacularly offensive once he starts arguing back. "We could not," Arthur says firmly and heads back to the intercom. Arthur's oddly likeable for such a git, and once you get used to his face, most of the time you just see him as the well-meaning prat he is, but then you get a moment where the streetlights come softly through the car window and he tilts his head just so, and he's the most beautiful thing in the world. "This story is perhaps the best Merlin-fanfic I've ever read." Then she rolls her eyes and adds, sounding more human. Well, not exactly a friend - it's his sister that I'm-", "Dunno," Merlin says and accepts another bit of chocolate. "Don't shout at him," a calm voice chides from the phone that's lying open on the floor. That is.until she arrived. "Are you stupid or just thick?" "You're not supposed to drink alcohol," Arthur says reasonably and takes a satisfied swig of his own pint. "No. "We only got here five minutes ago and Morgause is still stuck in traffic somewhere.". "I've done it before," he tells them, trying to cross his arms, but Arthur's hit his stride now and there's not much he can do except sulk. Kelan had made his way to the front lines, feeling useless so close to the back. Merlin smiles as he looks up at Arthur, his eyes incredibly sad. ", "Okay, but that was because I needed it. ", "Nuh," Merlin says, horrified to realise that most of his vocabulary has turned to sand. "See, I'm not dead yet. Admittedly, all this nagging means his control is better than it's been since primary school, but that doesn't mean he appreciates it. He's not the only one to notice Arthur's change in routine. "I've kept Merlin alive for weeks, haven't I? Merlin asks the King as he leans over the table, looking down at his husband. Things are just getting towards sly double-meanings and significant silences when Arthur suddenly interrupts with, "Merlin, you want to talk with Leon. ", "Excellent," she says. You'd think a near-death experience would exempt him from being yelled at for a while. Then his eyes widen and he says, "Oh, shit.". Just another fem!Merlin fic where everybody lives! Chapter 21. "I'm never too pissed for that," Merlin says and pushes himself out reluctantly into the cold night. His mum would probably cry with relief if he brought a doctor home for Christmas. Kelan's blade connects with the attacking Knight's, sparks showering at the class of iron. The vines find any Saxon knight they can, wrapping them up out of reach, but not killing them. A lot of them bring chocolate biscuits, which they don't seem to realise he cannot eat unless it's an emergency. Featuring Merlin/Leon bromance, a Gwaine with a past, a family for Merlin, an Arthur who isnt an Arthur, ghosts, battles, castles and maybe a kiss or two. He has a dead plant on his desk which he won't let Merlin water, and he always put the most cash in to any birthday or leaving collection (yet never eats any of the cake Merlin has to buy with the money). But it turns out that Leon is a teacher, and has enough interesting stories and advice that Merlin forgets about Lancelot quite quickly. "If they don't kick me out earlier, of course. Arthur still has Merlin wrapped in his arms as he addresses the knight, "I have you to thank, for protecting me" he looks down at Merlin with a soft smile, "and my husband. When he wakes up, he's down in the foyer, and there's a kind stranger leaning over him, asking soft-voiced questions. I'm not his responsibility. Feed me if I faint! They are guarded, scarred and anguished. Arthur asks, mouth curving into a surprisingly soft smile. Completed Mature Magic 336K12.4K39 A Merlin fanfiction where Arthur learns of Merlin's little secret. (I do not own Merlin.). Arthur rushes forward, panic etched onto his features, reaching out for Merlin, while Kelan sprints as fast as he can, rushing to protect his kings. "Hey, is anyone down there? Lunchtimes aren't so bad, now Morgana's taken to joining them. This if is NOT for the feint of heart, you have been warned. You have to stay next to me. "I'm not stupid.". While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. ", "Oooh, I love that film," Gwen says, and then adds, "But it's only a film. It hit him straight in the chest, and as he dropped to the floor the warlock realised he couldn't breathe. "I thought we agreed you weren't going to tell me what to do any more? Arthur and his knights and Merlin wake up on an island without knowing how they got there.The only hint they have is a parchment with a name on it. He searches for it, with an increasing flutter of panic. "Finally," he says when Gwen lets Merlin in and bears off his proffered bottle of wine with a happy giggle. Merlin pulls up his sleeves to reveal pale arms. They have to find that person to get out.Arthur has to find a guy names Emrys.Gwaine has to find Dragoon.Percival the last Dragonlord.Elyan the king of the druids.Lancelot has to find the god of magic.Leon has to find the Dolma.Etc. ", "And he has no idea what either of you are talking about," Arthur interrupts. A few years back, the Council of the Fey sent her to Auradon Prep to help her learn about those she are meant to protect. Yes Arthur. ", "Oh, I'm leaving at the end of August," Merlin tells him. . Non aveva parole per descrivere ci che stava vedendo il corvinouna parte di lui cadde in pezzi Welcome to my 100th fanfiction published on this website :), Knights of the Round Table & Merlin (Merlin), Gwaine Knows About Merlin's Magic (Merlin), Arthur Pendragon Finds Out About Merlin's Magic (Merlin), The Knights Find Out About Merlin's Magic (Merlin). I've written before so I'm not terrible. When he was little, Morgana locked him in a-", "I feel-" Merlin says, to stop them fighting, but then realises the next word isn't there. Summary: Merlin loses his will, and Arthurs is sorely tested. I mean, not that I wouldn't want to come by and help otherwise, because you sounded nice on the phone, but we don't do this for everyone in the office, you know.". With a fiery personality and a heart t. Hunith never meant to favor her son over her daughter, and her daughter knew this, she understood sometimes she wished she had never been born. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. I really dont.I understand, I just Merlin shakes his head, then leans down, kissing him. at all times hello, do you know(merthur) fics where arthur/merlin is tortured! left kudos on this work. It is quite a common theme, but not always a central one to the story. On Fridays, Arthur talks to Merlin about football, in French, casting meaningful glances at Morgana at random intervals just to make her paranoid. "He's grumpy," Merlin complains. I DON'T OWN COVER AND SEVEN DEADLY SINS ANIME Cover and Anime belongs to their original and respective au Dumbledore proclaimed Rosina "Rose" Lillian Potter the "Girl-who-lived" and sent away her brother Hadrian "Harry" James Potter the real bo You'd think getting sent to your favorite series' universe would be a good thing, and it usually depends on the genre for it to be considered a good thing. And, yeah, I like it, he mumbled, eliciting a questioning glance from Arthur. "Edward has a sorcerer on his side, and a powerful one at that, and you want to put me, "I agree with Merlin," Elyan says and the Warlock in question puts his arm out towards the young knight and raises his eyebrows as if to say, ', ' "He's our greatest weapon, it would be a daft decision to relegate him to the back lines.". "Not in here you can't," says Arthur. Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 25,326 - Favs: 1 - Published: 4h - [Merlin, Arthur . Long-fic ambienta ai giorni nostri. "I may have to charge you rent.". Leon, talk to him. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #merlinfanfic, #merlinfanfiction, #merlinfanart, # . The hit never lands, however. Or, Arthur protects Merlin over and over, falling a little more in love each time. "I just want you-" Arthur begins to say but Merlin cuts him off. Arthur heard every pause and stutter where Merlin made a split-second decision to leave something out, but he let it go. ", "She's beautiful," Gwen says, reaching out tentatively towards Mabel's eyestalk. All bets off [not the main theme, but its an important part of the story]When Arthur is tricked into a bet and loses, too late he realizes that he has just lost the most precious thing to him: Merlin. You have to stay next to me And he keeps standing there, even as Merlin splutters outrage at him. For two decades, there was no hope for magic to flourish in Camelot. Merlin has been coping okay because he has loved Arthur since they were teenagers and as long as he lives he prefers 10 times a damaged!Arthur that no Arthur at all, and the blond is just unbelievable lucky that Merlin loves him that much to stick with him through all this. It is just the way things are., Arthur frowns at Merlins words. Choking, he as well rose up. ", Merlin shakes his head. seen the kings this way for each other. Summary: AU, slash, A/M, Broodmare: an omega kept for breeding purposes only. "Hopefully I'll go blind, and then I won't have to look at your face any more. And, yes, I am diabetic, and and that's why I grabbed this prompt, but I tried to avoid the urge to get too didactic ;). ", "I," she proclaims, "am Human Resources. ", He's disappointed when the party breaks up, and people start calling taxis. He started counting: 1, 2, 3 Merlin returned exactly four minutes later to a fully dressed and impatient prince. Arthur sticks it to the side of his computer and makes everyone who passes his desk stop to admire it. "Are you stupid or just thick?" Arthur is captured and held for ransom. You have proved yourself to be willing to lay down your life for Camelot.". "Half seven," he says. ", It finally gets to be too much on Friday, when Arthur actually comes along to the end of the week drinks for once. But before Arthur could even ask what Merlin was talking about, Merlin said, without ever looking up from his paper, apparently sensing Arthurs question, Your cologne. , Elyan," Merlin breathes out, actually tearing his eyes away from Arthur to thank him. "You're mine.". A Beaten EdgeThings arent the same after the Questing Beast. He bounded off out of the room and leaned against the door. Elyan's already saying, "Cheers, mate," though, and the matter seems to be settled. Do you want to talk about it?No, Arthur rasps, already pulling Merlin to him and sliding his hands beneath his shirt. Just random Merthur AU's that come into my head that I will write in my free time. Merlin, un ragazzo che la vita sta mettendo a dura prova, incrocer il suo cammino. If I was some other author, I might imply that this was sweet enough to cause a chronic metabolic disease. Merlin FanFic Title: Broodmare Disclaimer: Merlin is owned by the BBC and other associated parties. "He was horrible last night. Well, never mind. They both give him sceptical looks at that. So lets leave. He's looking far less stiff and prim than usual, his face strained and his tie pulled loose. And he's called Arthur. "Er, so Morgana's cooking dinner tonight for people. When some of the new recruits notice the odd behavior of a certain servant towards their King and the other knights, they take measures in to their own hands to teach hi Merlin's secret is revealed to Arthur whilst on a hunting trip. "Sssh," Merlin says, trying to put his finger to his lips but only managing to smack himself. He wouldn't be able to see it until that inevitable battle with the Saxons. "You could probably do that in the basement, if you wanted. sire Chapter 9: Hopeless. "The engineers are working on it," Arthur tells him. FAMILY | Merthur FanFiction by Gero 24.4K 705 13 When a little girl runs into Merlin in order to escape Camelots guards he quickly discovers she has magic, but he can't let Arthur kill her. Back when they were seven and Merlin's mum wouldn't let him go on school trips unless he wore the special I am a diabetic! Will asks and plonks himself down beside Merlin, clutching his tea in one hand and six digestives in the other. It's working without a hitch again, and the only hint that something had happened is the panel in the door that's much newer and shinier than the rest of it. "And then they need to be sorted by language, exam board and year," Linda explains, and adds, rolling her eyes towards Arthur. Merlin finishes, flourishing his phone even though she's in her nice warm sitting room on the far side of Camelot. Arthur's hand closes around his wrist. Merthur Merlin dies for a bit at the end of the series instead of Arthur. "Now shut up, both of you, so I talk to the engineers.". "I lived a quiet and happy life with my little white-haired mother in a cottage in the woods, and the most annoying sound I ever heard was the clucking of the little hens at the bottom of the garden. It took him years to persuade his mum that he was safe and independent, and it's not as if he's had any major problems, and he is sick of people assuming they know better than him about his own body. He spends the day huddled up on the sofa, feeling grim and doing blood tests every twenty minutes. Melting together, they always encouraged each other, it gave them warmth in cold and lonely nights. Later, they all end up sitting on the floor, cheating at cards and laughing. Kelan bows with a fist on his chest. A Prince who lost everything when he was just a boy. ", "Oh, God," Arthur says in faint horror. Arthur asks, his hands wandering Merlin's form, which is clad only in his Court Sorcerer's robes with not even a helmet to protect him, let alone any chainmail. When they go to Camelot to stay with a family friend, they both find work in the castle. "They seem to think so, at least," Merlin says. It inevitably didn't matter as the fighting soon destroyed any semblance of uniformity and formation. Merlin smiles at him and leans in halfway, pulse fluttering. It's not until he's sprawled grumpily on the back seat of the bus that he realises that he never asked her name. You've not taken any sick leave since you started, so that's not a problem.". Not all of them. . As it's usually just Merlin, Freya, the temps from downstairs, and any of the younger researchers they think they can scam drinks off, this starts off awkwardly, especially when Freya says in too loud a whisper, "He's actually stalking you, isn't he? They are met with an ambush Drecrft is a kingdom of magic, or at least it used to be. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit). ", "I didn't phone my mum and cry either," Merlin says as Freya presses herself into the corner and glares at them both. He hugs Gwen and Morgana goodbye, shakes hands with Leon and Percy and then gets propelled out the front door before he can get to Lancelot.

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